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Best Multiplayer Co-Op Games Revisited  
Written by Dawkus  
Sunday, 01 February 2004
Competitive Vs. Cooperative


Shadow Panther has sent me a link to an impressive list of Co-op games for the three major console platforms: X-Box, Playstation 2, and the Game Cube.  He included Game Rankings, Number of Players, Game Type, and more!  Check out Shadow Panther's list here.

Thanks Shadow Panther!

     I was playing this online game , and I was thinking..."Ya know, this game could have been really better if they had done this or this...." I've been playing games for a long time now, and my expectations have gotten higher as my game playing has matured. I really enjoy online games with a cooperative multiplayer option. Cooperating with others while fighting enemies and solving puzzles is my favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon. Here are my favorite coop games I have found:

My favorite Cooperative Multiplayer Games

1. Neverwinter Nights An online fantasy game that allows you and and your friends to quest in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe.

2. Project Eden A co-op game from the makers of Tomb Raider 1 and 2. Based in the future, a robocop style team of four battles mutated baddies and must overcome many challenges and puzzles. (Note: There is a Playstation 2 version out for this game that supports up to 2 players in coop mode.)

3. System Shock 2 Based in the far future, you start out on a space station as a marine waking from cold sleep. You find your station under attack by a mysterious entity. More puzzle solving than fighting.

4. STARLANCER combines the action of first-person space combat with the drama and intrigue of a classic air combat movie. Countries from around the world including the United States, China, Russia and Great Britain have formed strategic alliances and now battle for control of Earth, Mars and other planets across the solar system. As part of a newly formed, ragtag aviation unit, the 45th Volunteers Squadron, players must prove themselves and earn the respect of their peers. (My opinion? Cooperative play is amazing!)

     Do you know of any great cooperative multiplayer games? Please email me at John*AT*farshot.com. You won't win any prizes for submitting, but you will help others like yourself who are looking for that next great online experience. I will be posting this list periodically as I come across more games.



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