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The best measure of a person's honesty is the zero adjust on the bathroom scale.
Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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Top 10 Things To Do While Standing In Line For A Flu Shot  
Written by Dawkus  
Friday, 29 October 2004
Who's Next?  10.  Show up wearing Star Wars masks.  Every so often ask how long until the movie starts.

   9.  Tap the person in front of you on the right shoulder, and step to the left.  When he turns around, tap him on the left shoulder and step to the right.  Repeat as necessary.

   8.  Bring a cd player blaring heavy metal music.  Try to start a mosh pit.  This will be especially cool as most of the people in line are over 65.

   7.  Try and start a wave.

   6.  Pretend to trip and fall and see if you can break the world record in "Old People Dominoes." 

   5.  Take a bucket of chicken with you.  Moan and exclaim loudly everytime you take a bite, but don't share any no matter how much anybody begs.

   4.  What else?  Line dancing.

   3.  Bring (or steal) a monkey dressed in boy's clothes and glasses.  Exclaim loudly to everyone how you hope your "Special little boy!"  Doesn't get the flu.

   2.  Yell really loud.  When everyone in front of you turns around to see what the yelling is about, glare intently at the person behind you.

   1.  When the doctor comes out and calls out the next the number, shout, "Bingo!  I win, I win!"



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