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Friday, 30 July 2021
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RIAAders of the Lost Art  
Written by Freddy  
Saturday, 18 October 2003

Recently the RIAA has decided that they are going to sue anybody that shares a "significant" amount of copyrighted material on the Internet. I personally think this is making criminals out of common citizens, and only stifling an exciting technology that should be embraced not shunned. It amazes me every day when I hear that the RIAA is dictating the way technology should evolve.

Big Business has become stubborn to the New ways of doing things. They have yet to find a reasonable solution to their problem and seem desperate to find any solution, no matter how ignorant, to keep from having to change their way of doing business.

Here's a quick comparison.

1960's Gas station Attendant
Job: Pump your gas, check your oil.
Payment: Tips or Salary.

1980's+ Gas Station Attendant
Job: Work Behind counter, stock shelves.
Payment: Salary.

What's the point?
In the 60's the Gas Station Attendant (often times the owner) got paid for doing a job that everyone does themselves now. Almost all gas stations in America are SELF SERVE. So, what did the gas station Attendant do to make up for this loss of revenue and sometimes a job? They invented the Convenience Store. They found another way of making money, by building on what was already there.

So, The RIAA is that Gas Station Attendant, and rather then figure out a better way of making money, they are trying to stop people from pumping their own gas. We have the technology to pump our own gas safely, and at the same time we cut out the middle man. No more tips, and no more bull, just gas.

So, Personally, I don't need the RIAA to put music on CD's for me anymore. I don't even need then to tell me what sounds "good" anymore. Hell, I don't really need them at all. I have a million other resources for that. I just want to get my music, I want the artist to get their money directly, and I want to know that I have the right to do that without the fear of being sued and my privacy being jeopardized.

That's my 2 cents and I'd rather not let the RIAADER's take it.



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