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Friday, 30 July 2021
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Hottest Adult Halloween Costumes of 2004  
Written by Dawkus  
Monday, 18 October 2004

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     We compiled a list of what everyone was wearing for Halloween this year, and the results were surprising.  Not a single person was going as Saddam or Bin Laden!  (Odd, that)  Here are a few costumes people WILL be wearing this year.

Silly Monkey!  Get out of there!     "The Passion of the Mel" Costume

     Everyone loved Mel Gibson's "The Passion" (except for the Jews of course!).  Now you can relive the movie with "The Passion of the Mel" costume!  Show those Harry Potter loving heathens a thing or two about the true meaning of a scary Halloween!  Comes with a five gallon bucket of blood, Mel Gibson mask, dirty robes, and Cross.  (Crown of Thorns and Monkey dressed as Roman soldier sold seperately.)


Is that stuff from K Mart, Martha?     "Jail Bird Martha" Costume    

     She might be in the slammer, but Martha Stewart can still pull off a positive spin during her days behind bars.  If you are an inmate doing 15 to 20 for armed robbery, or just a housewife wanting a tougher image, then dressing as "Jailbird Martha" for Halloween this year is the perfect choice!  She can bake cookies, create the perfect table settings for four or forty guests, and make the best darn white wine from grapes she stole out of the comissary in her jail cell toilet.  Order today and get a matching Bandanna and melon scoop shiv!


Such a cute little dictator!     "Little Tyrant Bush" Costume

     President Bush has done such a great job since he's been in office.  He's forced the Iraqi's to enjoy freedom, successfully raised the deficit, destroyed the international community's faith in America, and tried to get a constitutional ban on gay marriage!  Makes you glow with Patriot Act Pride, doesn't it?  Show how much the word "Liberal" makes you puke by wearing the "Little Tyrant Bush" costume on "All Hallows Eve!"  Farshot.com couldn't think of a scarier person to be than George Bush this year, and we even thought of Michael Moore naked! 


What a cute, er... couple!      "Flip Flop and Ketchup" Costumes

     For all those needing matching costumes, we've found the perfect duo.  Be the most cute (that's one way to put it) couple out there with the "Flip Flop and Ketchup" costumes!  You can be the most liberal couple at the party!  Play John Kerry as you say one thing about an issue and the exact opposite just a few minutes later.  For the ladies, playing Teresa Heinz is a blast!  "Ketchup"  comes with a script of odd and embarassing things to say during conversation, and a timer to tell you when to throw out the occasional swear word!  "Flip Flop" comes with Purple Heart candy and a built in Cape Cod smell for that perfect Massachusetts touch!


Is that a combover or road kill?      "Crazy Combover Donald" Costume

     NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump was a smashing success.  Now it's your turn to utter that famous phrase, "You're Fired!", by wearing the "Crazy Combover Donald" costume!  Playing "The Donald" has never been so much fun!  Using his wide range of expressions (a grand total of one) will make you the life of the party, and the envy of all the other costumed guests!  Caution:  Be careful at the office party, though.  Saying "You're Fired!" to your boss could have you clearing out your desk come monday morning!  Comes with beaver pelt wig, Donald Trump mask, and business suit.



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