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Friday, 30 July 2021
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I Spat in the Hat of a Cat  
Written by Dawkus  
Saturday, 10 January 2004

Balancing Ads  The book was good, I must say
about 2 kids stuck inside on a wet day.

The book was written to help kids read
But then Hollywood took it
with its awful greed.

"We'll make a movie
to sell all our stuff.
You know how dumb kids are
they just can't get enough

of Hersheys,
and Jif.
Heck, if we could
we would sell Toys 'R' Us Spliffs!"

We'll sell them Frito Lay, Pepsi, and Kraft galore,
Their moms will buy Mr. Clean and Swiffer to mop their floors.

Sold out to Madison AvenueWe'll sell them jam made from Smuckers, batteries,  and  Febreze
We'll sell them their own hats, as pretty as you please!
Yes, it all started out with two kids stuck inside one wet day,
And ended with hollywoood fat cats' hands out for their pay.
It's sad to say there's nothing that could possibly save,
The turning of the late Dr. Seuss from inside his grave.

All the pics in this poem were edited by me. They, and the lyrics of the poem, are meant to be seen as a parody only, and are not intended to show the views or any opinion whatsoever expressed by the late Dr. Seuss or that crappy movie Mike Myers was in.



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