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Top 10 Things Food Service Workers Hate  
Written by Dawkus  
Wednesday, 13 October 2004
Smiles are free, frowns are common...     10.  When a troublesome customer says, "I bet you hate serving me.  Don't I just get on your nerves?"

   9.  Complaints about being out of small things like lemon juice and toothpicks. 

   8.  Getting good service and NOT tipping.  Even if you come in Monday through Friday and tip a dollar every day, you're only spending five bucks a week for better service.

   7.  Spilling a drink and not telling anyone about it.

   6.  Parents not watching their children.  Having a child run wild in a restaurant, screaming and destroying everything in its path, is just bad parenting.  If you can't control your child, then don't go out to eat!

5.  Phoning in huge orders during the lunch rush.  Orders should be phoned in no later than 11 am.  These inconsiderate oafs usually have complicated and finicky orders and won't hesitate to come back to the store and complain loudly and shrilly if the order is not made to their exact specifications. 

4.  Having a small mix up such as getting the wrong bag of chips or side dish, and then demanding free food.

3.  Customers standing in the menu line, undecided on what to order.  This is as much fun as watching paint dry.  The customer is staring blankly at the menu, while you are staring at the customer, playing connect the dots with the moles on his or her face.  Come on, you'll be hungry tomorrow, too!  This is not a life changing decision here.

2.  Customers whom you never see outside of work who act like your their best friend.They assume you can't wait to hear all about their various ailments, views on politics, sordid affair, and other dull and dreary topics.  If you have to pretend that a complete stranger is your best friend, then how exciting can you be?

1.  People who say, "Oh, man I hate asking you that.  I know how annoying that is to do.  I used to work in place just like this."  IF YOU KNOW IT IS SO DARN ANNOYING, THEN PLEASE DON'T ASK!  It's like saying "Fire burns, let me burn you."



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