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John's Flash Works  
Written by John Atkins  
Tuesday, 18 May 2004

John Atkins (Dawkus) lives in Tuscumbia, Alabama (A state known for it's close family relations and extreme fondness for two-ton monuments of the Ten Commandments).  John learned to read at age four by reading the comics, and has never lost his passion for them.  John also creates animation shorts which have been showcased on Atom Films, and he's won several awards for his flash films.  Currently, John is working on his latest comic strip, SnappyShotz.  Contact John Atkins and drop him a line or two!

Budz:  The one that started it all!

Budz - (+18) This flash toon was drawn by the extremely talented Jim Fisher.  I wrote the script using a broken pencil and a scrap of notebook paper in less than ten minutes.  So much for being prepared! 

Gary For Governor:  Whatchu Talkin' About, California?

Gary For Governor - This small but funny piece was the first toon done completely by myself.  You can imagine my pleasure when someone actually bought it!

Toons Done by Myself


Between the Lines  - Here's my first animated Shroom Shroom cartoon! 


Shroom and Broccoli are getting more animated!

Wrong Turn  - In my second Shroom toon I made Shroom and Broccoli more lively by blinking their eyes and moving them around. Crazily enough, that trumpet sound at the end is actually my voice!    


Space Walk. Space Jokes galore!

Space Walk  - (Weekly Fifth Place Winner: 06/20/04 at Flipsided.com)

Shroom and Broccoli do some repairs to their ship the S.S. Shroom Shroom.  I learned a lot about movie clips and using symbols inside of symbols with this one.  The toon is longer and even has a new theme song by Jackie Emory! 

Being Shellfish.  Introducing Finney the Shark!

Being Shellfish  - It's brains versus brawn when Broccoli goes one on one with a loan shark named Finney.  Don't forget to click on Finney's Interview at the end of the toon!  Jackie Emory now plays the voice of Broccoli.          


Long Live the King:  The Knights of Ahn Ruun

Long Live The King Intro - This is the intro movie I did for the NeverWinter Nights Module, Long Live the King.

LLTK:  Death of Salandrus

Long Live The King Ending -This is the Ending movie I made for the NeverWinter Nights module, Long Live the King.

Orc Translation:  It's a good time to be an Orc!

Orc Translation - I made this toon primarily to poke fun at the serious nature of the Long live the King movies.  Supposedly this is an orcish translation of the LLTK intro movie.  I made several things interactive, such as the stick figures and the orc on the title screen.  I think it's very important to have easter eggs in flash films.  It's one of the many things that makes working with Flash so much fun!



10 Commandments:  He's tolerant of your religion, as long as it's his religion too!

10 Commandments - This toon was made during the Roy Moore debacle.  I felt the whole world was laughing at Alabama for it's ridculously intolerant views on religion.  I wanted to show that there were home-grown Alabamians who weren't totally brain washed by Moore's version of the Christian faith.  Jim Fisher was the voice of Roy Moore, and Jackie Emory did the organ music.



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