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Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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How to Cheat on Tests  
Written by Dawkus  
Wednesday, 30 June 2004
The MP3 Player Method

Today is the big exam.  You got twenty minutes till the bus arrives.  The Problem?  You forgot to study!  You stayed up all night playing Mario Kart with your pals.  Have no fear, my friends.  It's Freddy to the rescue!

In twenty minutes you can't possibly memorize enough stuff to get a decent score.  What you can do is cheat.  Hey, do you want to bring another "F" home so your folks can yell at you?  Heck, no!  Here are some tried and true methods:

1The Clear Pen Gambit.  Get a scrap sheet of paper and cut it out til it's the same size of the papers in fortune cookies.  Write real small until you have covered that paper up.  Now, roll the slip of paper into a hollow circle.  Slide the paper inside a clear pen, and you have the most perfect cheat sheet ever!

2.  The MP3 Player Method.   Time for cheating to merge with the age of technology!  Record yourself saying all of your answers, convert your wav files into mp3 format, and then put those files onto your player.   Take your mp3 player with you to school.  Run the earpiece through you shirt all the way through one of your sleeves.  (This obviously only works if you have on a long sleeve shirt!)  Hit play when the exams begin, and listen to all those sweet answers!

3.  The Water Bottle Ploy.  This is similar to the clear pen, except you take a water bottle and cut it's wrapper off using a razor or knife. You place your notes under the wrapper, and then glue the wrapper back onto the bottle.  Not only will you get to read your cheat sheet, you will also get to refresh yourself.



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