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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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The Craft Aint Just For Macaroni  
Written by Zep  
Monday, 05 June 2006
da Alter of da Craft Today is world of warcraft day. Um, at least for me. I haven't been playing. I don't really plan on starting up again anytime soon. But when I say World of Warcraft day, I mean watch World of Warcraft machinama and look for some cool things related to WoW just to keep from being "out of the click" any longer.

So, some really awesome Wow Videos for you
illegal Danish
Make sure you listen to the song at the end - funny stuff.

I just recently went out on a limb and bought a mac. So here is a WoW video in the vain of The Mac Switch add compaigns.
WoW:Switcher Episode 1
WoW:Switcher Episode 2
These are the guys responsible for the switch videos and many others check them out.

Check out this crazy chinese Coke Commerical.

So, though random, and a little disjointed I hope this post leads you to some interesting WoW treats.



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