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Tuesday, 19 February 2019
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Band Names That Suck  
Written by Dawkus  
Thursday, 30 September 2004

     Like the fabled Elephant Graveyard is to elephants, this is the place that rejected band names go when they die.  Farshot has compiled a list of names that might have had some semblance to cool, but later the band members rejected them(i.e. the drugs wore off).  Here's the list, and a pic of the greatest and shortest band ever, The Blasphemic Squirrels!  Rock on, and play some Skynrd why don't ya?

They be nuts!

Rusty Spandex                    Testing Positive

Blasphemic Squirrels           Opera House Hangover

Probing The Alien                 Hang Glider

Grasshopper Gurus              Short Bus

Jesus Was a Gerbil               Deep Throat Devils

Pappa Fly and the Maggots   Crotchless Sandy

Infectious Cheese                 Karate

Plunger                                 Calcium Dungarees

Linoleum Buckets                  Liquid Fury

Splinter In The Mind's Arse    Stud

Mangy Muffin                         Static Cling

Chum*                                   Bloated Goat Cheese

Brochure                                Hog Flesh

Radioactive Birthday Cake      Smelly Vision

The Bowels                             Candle Box Shoes

Squirt Mouth                           Jerking With Jergen's

Shirt Laundry                          Low-Carb Rebels

Mold                                        Chinese Crybabies

Lollypop Lickers                       Kung Fu Cadillac

Flute                                        Liquid Love

The Fuzzy Combovers               Toe Jam

Kalendar Klowns                        The Bunyons

Sandwich                                   Butt Whistle

Deadly Denim                            Electric Fleece

(If any of these bands are real, then please send Farshot.com a link, and we will post it here for you!  Email Dawkus)

*Sent in by Arcturus           



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